I have been lucky enough to interview the following Bradford City-related people. Hopefully, I'll be able to add to this list as times goes on, but we'll see.

Oldest First:

Stephen Darby and Gary Jones
"We've got a good squad, we've got a bunch of fit lads who want to win and we've got a good manager, too, so combine them together and I think we've got a really good chance."

Tom Fletcher and Dominic Newton-Collinge - Bantams Banter hosts
"You know how you felt when the final whistle went at Wembley? That's exactly how it's felt to do Bantams Banter this season."

Michael Nelson
"I think we have a real opportunity to do well and move forward as a club, but we can't just expect it to happen."

Peter Jackson
"It was early stages in the season but there were things going on around me that shouldn't have been happening at a football club. That's my reason for leaving and everything in the book is true."

Bantams Banter
"He threw a plate of spaghetti bolognaise at me...”

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